Our Experience

IMEX Welding and Fabrication has over 50 combined years of experience in owning, operating and building hot oilers and pressure trucks. Due to the recent demands of these units over the past 8 years, IMEX added an additional shop to continue to meet these needs and increase production.

Our proficient service ensures that our units are built to the highest quality standard with a cost efficient price.

We work with you in designing custom units that will suit your needs.

Hot Oilers

IMEX specializes in building, repairing and troubleshooting 15, 10 & 5K Hot Oilers.

Whether it's a tandem or tridem truck, contact us about customizing a hot oiler that suits your needs.

Hot Oilers can be equipped with

  • All Data Systems for your pumping needs
  • Rate & Total Meters
  • Aluminum Tool Boxes
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • and much more...